Armonici Contrasti

The  Armonici Contrasti event was held at chef Filippo’s Restaurant, La Mantia, to celebrate the official launching of Oneoff Events.


Our ambitious goal is to redesign the concept of corporate and private events, proposing new ideas to envisage, realise and create events focussed on tradition and elegance, and with correct respect for protocol, all with a creative and innovative approach.


About 300 guests were present at the event, including well-known names like Max Biaggi, Marco Giallini, Francesco Sole and Dj Ringo.

During the evening, Raffaele Panizza, journalist for Vogue Italia and Vanity Fair Italia, interviewed the following guests:

Chef Filippo La Mantia, Alessandro Diotallevi of the Accademia del Cerimoniale, Paola Castellacci, CEO of Adiacent, Anna La Rosa, Parliamentary journalist and Editor-in-Chief at Rai3, Valentino Magliaro, Civic Leader Italia Obama Foundation, Gianfranco Battisti, Chief Executive Officer of the Italian State Railways and Frecciarossa, Iginio Massari, Master pastry chef.


Photo Shooting:
Azzurra Primavera
Simone Casconi


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