Style and passion,
the recipe for our events.

At OneOff Events,
vision and mission work side by side
to create unique occasions

The main ingredient of OneOff events is their ability to plan every single detail with immense care, at first almost unnoticeable, but able to create an effect that makes all the difference.

At OneOff, we are constantly searching for striking locations and historic heritage buildings. With the invaluable help of FederMep, we restore their original splendour, to enhance the contrast between design and tradition.

We are conscious of the charm of every single region as backdrops for each mise-en-scene, each one unique for its setting, and for the food, wine and craftsmanship we offer our guests.

It is in this context that we best express our respect for protocol and ceremony, an ensemble of traditional criteria established over time that provides the basis for relationships and defines the solemnity of the event.

At the core of every project, our aim is constantly focussed on good taste and elegance, the key element in a range of skills that blend together so that each one makes his contribution without overlapping those of others.

This is combined with a blend of vitality, flair and subtle humour so that strict tradition merges with unconventional creativity that is delightfully outside the box.

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Lori Ciufo

She is the face, the brain, and the heart and soul of OneOff Events. In her thirty years’ experience as a Brand Manager for prominent IT companies (Rome, Florence, Milan), Lori Ciufo played an active role in the creation and organisation of corporate contests and important events.

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A new start

In 2018, she decided to set up OneOff Events and to offer her clients the expertise and experience gained during her career. A life dedicated to passionate interests, beauty and culture: music and a love of Gospel, haute cuisine learnt from Gualtiero Marchesi at his illustrious Academy, fine wines, and a grade 3 AIS sommelier diploma, photography, participating in courses and exhibitions, design, with a diploma from the European Institute of Design, etiquette, and a seminar at the Accademia del Cerimoniale di Roma, a flair for fashion, for hand made detail, and experience in luxury weddings gained as a certified Wedding and Destination Planner.

Ingredienti di OneOff: design | OneOff Events

Working together for Italian excellence

Since February 2021, Lori Ciufo has been the Head of the Lombardy Federmep Delegation. She works with a group of motivated, dynamic, professional experts to achieve a common goal: to protect and promote the work of the Italian Event and Wedding Industry, a supply chain composed of small, medium and large scale businesses: Excellence Made In Italy.

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