Thank to their wide experience, OneOff Eventsexpertise is even more significant when arranging Wedding Destinations in Italy: as well as the wedding ceremony itself, we are able to give foreign wedding parties and guests an enchanting experience, and a vacation to discover the outstanding beauty of Italy and create everlasting memories.


Lori Ciufo, expert Italian Luxury Wedding planner and Certified Wedding Celebrant, will guide the bride and groom and their guests from other countries in discovering the quintessential aspects of Italy: its breathtaking landscapes, its history, its craftsmanship and thousand year old traditions, with its unique colours, aromas and flavours.

The OneOff Events team will deal with all the arrangements for the wedding ceremony, bureaucratic procedure, coordination with Italianand foreign suppliers, the travel arrangements and accommodation of the bride and groom and their guests, cultural tours, food and wine experience, and personalised gifts; every aspect arranged with infinite attention to every detail.


Como Lake Collection

A proposal for an elegant and sophisticated wedding that showcases the timeless cappuccino color in three exquisite shades, beautifully complemented by the black calligraphic script. The inclusion of a handcrafted cadeau with a touch of folk-inspired charm creates a delightful contrast that enhances the romantic ambiance of the proposal. The addition of a calligraphed monogram featuring the names of the bride and groom serves as a perfect finale, akin to a wedding band gracefully encircling the ring finger.

Royal Collection

The proposal takes inspiration from the romantic and grandeur settings of fortresses and castles. It is specifically designed for weddings that exude a romantic ambiance while incorporating "irreverent" details. Crafted entirely with Colorplan paper and enhanced by a unique handmade cadeau created by an artisan workshop exclusively for us, the proposal encapsulates the essence of refined luxury.

Lina Collection

Introducing the LINA COLLECTION. This proposal, inspired by the artistic legacy of renowned Italian artist and designer Piero Fornasetti, is perfectly suited for high-profile corporate events and special occasions. Crafted entirely with Colorplan paper and adorned with an original Fornasetti-signed cadeau, it encapsulates the fusion of elegance and artistic revolution. Immerse yourself in an event that celebrates the timeless allure of art and sophistication.

Paper Tale | Bespoke Design - OneOff Events

Apulia Collection

Introducing APULIA COLLECTION, a proposal inspired by one of the most beloved regions among foreign travelers. Puglia, a land steeped in history and vibrant, enchanting colors, ignites passion and resilience much like the roots of its ancient olive trees. It is a region that exudes a profound passion for food, traditions, and history engraved in stone, all illuminated by the fiery red hues of sunsets reflected on Lecce stone. This proposal, meticulously crafted with Colorplan paper, is adorned with a handmade cadeau symbolizing the spirited dance that characterizes this region: the taranta. Experience the essence of Puglia, where every detail tells a tale of cultural richness and heartfelt energy.

Paper Tale | Bespoke Design - OneOff Events

Baxaicò Collection

Introducing the BAXAICO' COLLECTION (basil in Genoese dialect), inspired by Italian culinary art, specifically the delightful trofie al pesto and basil. This unique collection comes to life through a fusion of vibrant colors and refined craftsmanship, with a special touch: a marble mortar as a gift. Each piece in the Baxaicò Collection is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and artisanal skill. The marble mortar, depicted as a distinctive symbol across various items, represents Italian culinary tradition and also serves as a unique keepsake for our clients to cherish as a special memory of their wedding. But there's more: our Baxaicò wedding stationery is made even more special with a hint of fragrance. Every invitation, program, or place card is lightly scented with an exclusive basil-infused paper perfume. This captivating scent adds a multisensory experience, imbuing a sense of freshness and vitality that makes our collection even more distinct and memorable.


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