Respect the ritual of every ceremony, honouring tradition,
and observing codes of behaviour.

Seminars, courses
and wine and menu tasting

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Institutional Protocol and Etiquette

Academy is a project that stems from collaboration with the Protocol Academy in Rome, providing courses and seminars to assist private organisations, associations, businesses and public administration in managing correct interaction with official institutions. In a globalised world, experience and respect for other cultures and customs and observing rules of protocol are crucial in adding value to your corporate image. This initiative has already been adopted by various public establishments, including Politecnico di Milano and l’Università di Trento.

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Certified Sommelier Consultancy

A qualified Sommelier is able to perform an organoleptic analysis of wines and spirits to evaluate the type, characteristics, quality, and correct wine-pairing with any dish. A Sommelier is able to describe the character of a wine, from both a technical and cultural viewpoint.

Certification training

Basic, expert, and upgrade training courses can be organised with the Protocol Academy in Rome according to the client’s requirements.
Individual and group courses provide a multi-disciplinary approach to contemporary protocol demands, with on-line simulation courses and practical training in person.

Particular attention is paid to the following aspects:

  • Relationship between protocol procedure and safety regulations
  • Relationships with the media and communications activities
  • Diplomatic protocol and international relations
  • Governmental and executive hierarchy and representatives: event organisation
  • Past legacies in modern society: rituals, ceremonies, etiquette.
  • The art of hospitality

Individual consulting services

This Business Etiquette module provides individual multidisciplinary training, both on line or in person, to improve personal presentation skills, and develop social and business relations.
This consulting service focusses mainly on the following aspects, but they can be developed to include further options according to the client’s needs.

  • Personal presentation in social interaction: body language, speech, dress, personal profile
  • (The art of) courtesy and hospitality
  • Paper letter and email correspondence: situations, style, rules
  • Past legacies in modern society: rituals, ceremonies, etiquette
  • Diplomatic protocol and international relations

Wine tasting

Lori Ciufo, founder and CEO of OneOff Events, is an AIS Milano certified Sommelier, and as a qualified lecturer, supervisor and mentor can offer wine tasting services according to region.

OneOff organises regular exclusive wine tasting events:

  • wine tasting events based on variety, regional and geographical classification
  • meetings with wine growers, enologists, winemakers and wineries
  • consulting service on dish and wine-pairing
“A good wine is like a good movie: it lasts only a moment and leaves a taste of glory on the palate; every sip is a new experience, and like a movie, it is born and reborn with each new taster.”
– Federico Fellini

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